The agile market research platform that makes you smarter

Jump start your next ad or innovation idea by learning from your past research. Then research early & often, nurturing those ideas with actionable consumer insights to accelerate consumer understanding to drive growth.

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Proven to develop more effective advertising

Not just a better pre-test. A better consumer-centric ad development system. A connected suite of solutions, validated to in market outcomes, to help you nurture ideas and stay on track from ideas through storylines and on to final ads.


Innovate quickly & confidently to drive growth

With Zappi's agile research platform you can iterate your innovations and improve your stimuli based on rich consumer feedback — quickly & affordability — and you can check in with consumers as often as you like. We cover the whole innovation development journey with solutions from early to late stage.


Fast, affordable & better

We help brands rewire their traditional ad & innovation development processes with insights early, often & connected to create a learning loop. The result?

  • You get smarter over time

  • Insights teams have more impact

  • Brands launch better ads & products

No.1 agile research platform

A powerful market research platform that provides fast, easy & actionable insights. Add insights early & often to optimize every idea to make your advertising & innovation more effective. Drives marketing agility by providing objective, actionable data & insights.

    Create with confidence
    Smart research design built in partnership with leading brands gives you strategic direction for launch and insights into incremental growth.
    Optimize for success
    Rich diagnostics give you clear guidance on what to optimize and why. Our speed & value lets you be agile & iterate, leading to more successful campaigns & innovations.
    Get smarter over-time
    Innovative platform that builds knowledge over time and gives you a head start for your next innovation or campaign
    Highest qualiy responses
    ESOMAR & ISO certified suppliers combined with market leading quality checks.
    Super flexible
    Combine tried & tested methods tailored with your business' knowledge. Flexible audiences, custom questions, slicing & dicing of your data on the fly.
    Co-created with leading brands
    Our research & data science experts work with leading brands to co-create solutions. To deliver research that is effective in the real world.
Since partnering with Zappi, our creative effectiveness has improved by almost a third across all our advertising. This equates to PepsiCo gaining hundreds of millions in value!
Stephan GansSVP Chief Consumer Insights & Analytics Officer. PepsiCo.
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Zappi is very agile, responsive and flexible. The Zappi team is up for any challenge we throw their way. They listened to us and helped us develop a groundbreaking norm bespoke to our audiences that enables us to have a focused strategy.
Mariline Alsuar-DeanSexual Wellbeing Consumer Insights Lead at Reckitt
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