Quality responses

Quality is at the heart of all we do to deliver representative, engaged and reliable respondents, allowing brands to make confident decisions, fast.

Zappi's scrutiny of the quality of panels is their best marketing pitch & is extremely compelling. We have heard there is rising panel fraud across the board...if the market takes out 2% of respondents, Zappi takes out 6%
Anne ClevelandDirector of Insights


Fixing the industry's data quality problem

The Zappi quality score looks at 14 signals of quality at an individual respondent level and creates a composite score. We continuously assess and enhance data quality by monitoring the quality score across respondents and research projects.

  • We group markets according to confidence in quality

  • We compare sample providers

  • We design better surveys


Cast a wide net and easily filter

We believe in surveying to a broad category audience so you can truly understand how to grow your brand and robustly compare against our benchmarks. We have over 70 categories in 30 countries already set up and ready for you to use. You can also deep-dive on critical sub groups and key interest areas so we make it easy for you to filter your data and boost responses of those you're most interested in.


Automatically send surveys to a relevant audience

We work with multiple ESOMAR & ISO certified sample suppliers so you can access the best supply across the world in over 30 markets, meaning you can access the right consumers without any bias to use our own panel.

  • Use category relevant samples already available in the platform

  • Build your own sample to use time & time again

Market leading respondent quality checks

We have built all the important checks & balances into the platform so no poor quality or fake responses or respondents make it into your valuable data set.

  • ✓ Panel vetting

    All suppliers meet ESOMAR & ISO certification.

  • ✓ Bot detection strategies

    Is the respondent real?

  • ✓ GEO-IP fingerprinting

    Is the respondent being honest about their location?

  • ✓ Deduplication & respondent quarantine

    Is this a unique respondent?

  • ✓ Speeder analysis

    Is the respondent engaged, not just speeding through?

  • ✓ Adherence to all regulations

    Including GDPR, CCPA.

  • ✓ Evaluation of open-ended responses

    Dynamically detect poor quality verbatims, remove gibberish answers, illogical responses & repetitive answers.

  • ✓ Black list

    All respondents deemed poor quality, are referred back to providers with a behavioral flag.


Fun, engaging surveys

Survey design & respondent experience are crucial to achieve high-quality, engaged responses. So our survey designs are under 10 minutes to capture the most engaged responses & mobile optimized. We also regularly ask respondents how they find their experience, & improve both the enjoyment & ease. Our latest research shows: 

  • 68% gave at least 8/10 for enjoyment

  • 72% gave at least 8/10 for ease of completing a survey

To grow market share, you need to increase brand popularity; that is, get many more buyers, most of whom are light users who occasionally choose your product.
Byron SharpHow Brands Grow
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