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It's working with companies like Zappi that has provided us with an opportunity to shift the way we look at insights to become much more agile and dynamic. Zappi has become a partner in repositioning the insights function within the organization.
Elaine RodrigoChief Insights and Analytics Officer, Reckitt
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Quality from the inside out

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Real-world insights

Co-created with global brands

We’re collaborators. We know that working together leads to better results. That’s why our research and data science experts work with a community of progressive brands to co-create and optimize our products. By combining input from leading insights and marketing teams with the most progressive research thinking, we deliver robust, cutting-edge solutions.

Genuine, engaged respondents

Quality data, at scale

Transformative results require quality data, so we make sure yours comes from genuine, engaged respondents. We automate the removal of junk data and build consistency so you can test, learn and iterate with confidence. By using multiple ESOMAR and ISO certified sample suppliers, we have the scale and quality assurance to connect with the right people for your brand.

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Proven, not static

Ever-improving methods

We beta test every solution, repeating and validating for consistency. We constantly monitor, optimize and improve our methods so we ask the right questions and deliver the most relevant analytics for your brand.

Inspire. Optimize. Validate.

Everything we do—from the origin of our 
products to the rigor behind our methods—is 
designed to deliver quality results.

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Why Zappi


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