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Need a faster way to provide objective consumer feedback? Zappi delivers just that and more. It offers on-demand research, automated AI-generated reports and all your data in one user-friendly platform. So you can get smarter and smarter as you learn from all you’ve done.

With Zappi’s platform, we have a collaborative workspace where we all have access to the same tests with one click of a button. We have the analysis in one agile space, where we can adapt and change as per our analysis needs.
Georgina FarmerGlobal Insights & Analytics Manager, Intimate Wellness, Reckitt


Set up & forget

We'll get you set up and running smoothly and work with you to seamlessly incorporate your expertise. And guess what? We've made the whole process super user-friendly.

Then quickly, easily & consistently run research, explore data, share with the business and drive systematic consumer centricity.

  • "Zappi is a very efficient platform for agile learning. It has struck the right balance of technical simplicity and flexible customization as well as being really easy to handle reporting. As a growing business, it is always on its way to improve and incorporate new tools and new coverage. A very promising partner to have and keep!"

  • Jessica Cao. Global Consumer Insights, Centrum innovation lead, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Agile & fast tools along with solid databases means one can answer business questions reliably and in a fast fashion.
Georgios PapadopoulosSenior Insights & Analytics Manager, Reckitt


Work faster &

We make it fast and easy to run research, make decisions and learn from your insights again and again.

We take all the complexity out of running research:

  • A super easy to use platform, so you don't get stuck

  • Faster answers - on average 12 hours from idea to insight

  • Simple pricing with no sizing or quotes needed

We're focused on removing every barrier that slows down getting the insights you need as soon as possible.


Real time analysis & flexible benchmarks

Enjoy automatically populated charts as data comes in. Help your team quickly & easily access & share insights to make informed decisions.

See what consumers really think of your ideas with smart autocoding to get an instant view of the most relevant themes. With just one click, dive deep into a theme by reading relevant verbatims. Validate your work instantly by comparing key metrics to country, category, brand & other relevant benchmarks.

#1: Zappi is consistently ranked as first across the board for platform features.

  • Depth & breadth of automated analysis  

  • Ability to do your own analyses / data cuts on the fly

  • Company / brand-specific benchmarking - especially flexibility

  • Easy export of findings to share with the business

Learn from all your research

Every idea better than the last

Get a head start on your next idea by systematically learning from the insights you’ve already collected over time. Look across all your research quickly & easily to learn what works and what doesn’t, creating a learning loop over time.

Use it to inspire new thinking and avoid the same old mistakes.

  • "A big benefit of the platform is being able to look back and see what worked and what didn't and theme the learning to focus on better product options in the future. We have learnings we can now apply and get smarter."

  • Amanda Addison. Senior Manager, US Menu Insights, McDonald’s

Faster, better & easy

Move quickly and with confidence on our easy-to-use, award winning platform, knowing that best practice is built in.


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