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When it comes to insights, quick, actionable, connected data is only half the story. To truly transform your work, you need a place to play with it—a platform that lets you iterate, optimize, validate and learn over time.

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Our platform approach

Our platform is designed to automate manual processes, connect and compare your data and provide built-in intuitive analytics. That means you can work at pace, bring insights into every decision, understand what matters today and inform future decisions. It does the hard work so you can do the big thinking.

  • Easy to use

    Tune into what your consumers love, with fast, accessible insights. Launch research in over 40 countries, using tried and tested methodologies. Help is on hand from experts who are there to make sure you get the most out of your research on the platform.

  • Actionable insights

    No more waiting around for research to wrap up. Surveys complete from 6 hours, and you can watch the data roll in. Form and test hypotheses in a couple of clicks. Shape, filter and compare data. Export and share data to tell stories that drive the right decisions.

  • Smarter by the day

    As you continue to create, iterate, optimize and learn over time, you build one connected resource for all your advertising and innovation data. Our platform becomes a well of inspiration for new ideas that help you navigate where to go next and frame how good your next ideas are.

We’d love to show you in person

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Find your audience

Who do you want to understand? Find people relevant to your vertical using a pre-configured audience or one you customize. Narrow by segment, geography or other factors. With ESOMAR and ISO certified panel providers, you’ll get the widest access to the most engaged, quality respondents, no matter who you want to reach.

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Act on quality data

We automatically detect how engaged individuals are when completing a survey. We dynamically remove respondents who present low-quality behaviors and replace them with high-quality respondents. We use respondent quality checks such as: Bot detection, deduplication, GeoIP and fingerprinting. Poor quality and fake respondents, ‘shall not pass’ with our state-of-the-art machine learning model, Gandalf.

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Powerful platform

Uncover rich insights with versatile data

Explore themes. Examine audiences. Compare against relevant benchmarks. We use smart thinking and machine learning to put your data right in front of you, where you can use it. With open and closed questions, you’ll understand both the what and the why. We use autocoding to group verbatims in real time, so you can see the bigger themes and dig deep into individual responses.

Safe and secure

Share with controls

We store your concepts, ads and data—keeping them safe—but we make sure you and your team members have a key. You’re in control. Manage permissions and share projects easily—inside and outside the platform.

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Easy, flexible analytics

Dive deep into data

If you love geeking out on data, we’ve got you. What might have once been time-consuming and expensive is now literally at your fingertips, automated in our platform. Just click a button to access clever analytics and comparisons. Explore relationships between attributes, look for patterns, identify themes and see which audiences really love your idea.

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