We are a smart, audacious, fun-loving, explorative, and passionate group. Does that sound like you?

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We always come 
back to our core values

  • Creative Disruption

    We come up with creative solutions to challenging problems and offer safety for experiments. Creative disruptors don’t just have great ideas themselves, they make space for others to do so too.

  • Incisive Listening

    Listening is at the heart of what we do. We do not talk over each other and we recognize the loudest in the room isn’t always the most insightful.

  • Courageous Honesty

    We speak truth to power and realize that feedback not fed back often causes more harm to someone than a brief moment of discomfort spent delivering it.

  • Inclusive Engagement

    We believe strongly in the power of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and thinking to help us succeed and to make working at Zappi a richer experience.

  • Leadership Inside & Out

    Zappi is not a place for egos. Anyone at Zappi can be a leader, regardless of their experience.

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