We are a smart, audacious, fun-loving, explorative, and passionate group. Does that sound like you?

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We always come back to our core values

This is how we strive to show up for our customers, for each other and for our communities. If we live these values, we will thrive.

  • Trust

    We put trust in the people around us. We assume positive intent, lean toward principles rather than rules and empower others through psychological safety.

  • Truth

    Transparency is our default. We are compassionately, courageously honest and value continuous feedback. Data informs our decisions, without being paralysed by analysis. We question the status quo and seek root causes.

  • Ownership

    We do what we say we will do and take accountability for our actions. Issues are resolved directly over defaulting to escalations. Zappi’s success takes priority over individual agendas.

  • Ambition

    Mediocrity isn't an option. We push ourselves and the people around us to achieve great things and to make bold decisions, quickly. We take risks, experiment, and learn.

  • Humility

    We listen carefully before acting decisively. Decisions are made inclusively, and egos are always checked at the door.

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