More effective advertising every time

An agile research system that fuels ad development. That gives you better, more actionable consumer insights early & often.

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Zappi Amplify ad system

Not just a better pre-test. A better consumer centric ad development system. Zappi is the only agile market research platform that creates a learning loop, making you smarter the more you use it.

    Explore potential of ad & campaign ideas
    Iterate with early executional ideas
    Optimize & validate ROI for key channels

Proven to help you develop more effective advertising


more effective when ads are researched at early stages


more predictive of in-market outcomes


improvement in creative effectiveness over time


The best thinking in advertising research

In-context exposure: Reflects media consumption - measures behavioral ad skipping, brand recall & pre-post purchase uplift.

System 1 emojis: Uses the world’s fastest growing language - measures overall emotion & emotional intensity.

Forced exposure: Uses direct questions - measures key ad KPIs & social risk.


More than just an ad pre-test

Run quality research fast, early & often. Use solutions that are specifically designed for each stage of campaign development. Pinpoint early what works and what doesn't with deep diagnostics.

Bring an objective consumer-centric view to influence and shape ideas right from the start, resulting in the strongest possible campaigns.


Improved creative effectiveness

Jump start your next idea by learning from all your previous research. Identify pockets of excellence & where there’s room to improve, know what works & what doesn’t. All with just a few clicks.  Inform those big business decisions like:

  • Which brands or markets are highly successful

  • Where there’s room to improve in ad development

  • Whether the millions invested in a spokesperson is worth it 

Since partnering with Zappi, our creative effectiveness has improved by almost a third across all our advertising. This equates to PepsiCo gaining hundreds of millions in value!
Stephan GansSVP Chief Consumer Insights & Analytics Officer. PepsiCo.
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Make good ads great. Make great ads greater.

No.1 agile research platform

An ad research system on a powerful platform that provides fast, easy & actionable insights early & often to optimize every ad and make your advertising as a whole more effective.

    Research early & often
    By the time you've developed a TV ad / campaign, you already know the idea & storylines are right for your brand & audience.
    Optimize ads for success
    Nurture your campaigns with rich diagnostics that give you an in-depth understanding of consumer reaction at early & late stages.
    Create ads with confidence
    A smart research design built in partnership with leading brands empowers you to move forward & improve at each development stage.
    Tailored for your business
    Drive consistent best practice with our tried & tested methods adapted to your business' knowledge & needs.
    Testing is out, learning is in
    Get a head start on your next TV campaign by systematically learning from the insights you’ve already collected over time.
    Fast, flexible analysis
    Dive deep into the data on the fly. Understand in a flash, the why, the sub groups & how you compare to different norms (brand, category, country)

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