Create ads people love

Our platform lets you quickly check in with customers and iterate throughout the creative process, helping you make sure each ad is optimized and loved by real people.

Learn early and often

Smart creative development is always grounded in real insights, then fine-tuned to perfection. Our platform connects you with your consumers so you can learn and refine over and over—until your ad is ready for the real world.
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The secret to a winning ad campaign

When you’re close to your brand, it's hard to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. But using your audience to grade your finished creative helps no one. It's too late. Check in with your audience early and often. Learn what resonates, make meaningful comparisons and bank learnings for the future.

  • Ideas

    Exploring big ideas gives you valuable feedback from the start. Identify potential and strengthen your best ideas.

  • Storylines

    Head into production with storyboards you know resonate. Iterate storylines with your consumers to make sure you know the best way to bring your ad to life.

  • Executions

    Improve each element of your campaign with concrete feedback to make sure every execution hits the way you want it to.

Insights at every step

Get fast, actionable consumer feedback

Fuel a continuous cycle of improvement with fast, actionable, connected insights—from idea through execution.

A diagram showing how a typical ad process moves from insight through finished ads.

Effective campaigns

Nail your execution on every platform

Optimize your ad for every channel and context—before you invest in media.

Objective data

Predict real-world outcomes

Maximize your chance of success by getting input from real people. Build your case using robust data, and get stakeholders on board with rich stories.

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Connected learnings

Make every ad better than the last

Discover new ideas and angles by studying previous ads—yours and competitors’—with analytical tools to easily uncover key themes.

Refinement, not rejection

Gather consumer feedback along the way to iterate and optimize your best ideas into exceptional campaigns.



Explore lots of storylines before you invest in production.



Make your ads even stronger by refining them based on how people respond to every moment.



Launch with confidence, knowing your ad will deliver strong ROI.



Gather learnings over time, from across your research, to fuel an ongoing cycle of improvement.

A lot of times we try and put in a paper what makes a good ad or how we get ideas but at the end of the day, in working with Zappi I have realized that sometimes the same messages with different feelings have completely different outputs.
Fernando KahaneSenior marketing director, PepsiCo Snacks
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