Start your campaign on strong foundations

With a highly predictive ad research system that helps you bring consumer insights throughout your creative process, fuelling ad development and ensuring your ads work in the real world.

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Your research questions answered

Quickly check in with customers and iterate throughout the creative process, helping you make sure each ad is optimized and loved by real people.

    Which idea looks to be the most fertile?
    How well do these ideas resonate with the audience?
    Do these ideas make sense for our brand?
    What about this idea resonates & needs exploiting?

Early consumer feedback drives effectiveness

The earlier in your ad or campaign development process that you check in with your audience the more effective your creative will be


Ads researched at earlier stages are 62% more effective

The earlier you connect with your audience, the better you can steer your ideas to stories and ads that truly resonate with your audience and work for your brand.


Rich responses to truly understand what works & what doesn't

Fast, powerful diagnostics help you understand in detail the consumer reaction so you know what's working, what's not and what to exploit in execution

  • Scene by scene emotional response

  • AI-based theming for likes/dislikes/distinctive brand assets

  • Idenitfy idea elements that are most memorable

Connected insights throughout development

Being able to easily understand your results and move from one stage to next successfully using a consistent framework to see how your idea is developing. Optimize ideas through comprehensive metrics that assess potential for reach, resonance & response. Helps to guide and amplify creative development from idea to execution

No.1 agile research platform

An ad research system on a powerful platform that provides fast, easy & actionable insights early & often to optimize every ad and make your advertising as a whole more effective.

    Research early & often
    By the time you've developed a TV ad / campaign, you already know the idea & storylines are right for your brand & audience.
    Optimize ads for success
    Nurture your campaigns with rich diagnostics that give you an in-depth understanding of consumer reaction at early & late stages.
    Create ads with confidence
    A smart research design built in partnership with leading brands empowers you to move forward & improve at each development stage.
    Tailored for your business
    Drive consistent best practice with our tried & tested methods adapted to your business' knowledge & needs.
    Testing is out, learning is in
    Get a head start on your next TV campaign by systematically learning from the insights you’ve already collected over time.
    Fast, flexible analysis
    Dive deep into the data on the fly. Understand in a flash, the why, the sub groups & how you compare to different norms (brand, category, country)

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