There’s a smarter way

Brands that use consistent, agile insights in their idea development processes create products and ads that resonate better with consumers and drive more growth.

Time for a change

Find the ideas that work for your audience. Shape the best ones and polish them with consumer insights, so you can launch winning products.

    Insights early and often
    Are you missing research when it matters? The earlier and faster you get great quality insights into your idea development process, the better your results will be.
    Learning loop
    Are you testing but not learning? Look across all your research quickly & easily to learn what works & what doesn’t, creating a learning loop over time.
    Elevated insights team
    Sick of having to break bad news when it's too late to help? Elevate your personal impact by bringing relevant, timely insights that drive key business decisions.

Decisions you’d bet your career on

Our platform is here to transform the way brands get the most out of every new idea with the highest quality methods.

  • Highest quality responses

    We work with multiple ESOMAR & ISO certified sample suppliers so you can access the right consumers without any bias to use our own panel. We then apply automated checks to all responses to ensure there's no poor quality or fake responses.

  • Co-created with leading brands

    Our research & data science experts work with leading brands to co-create & optimize our solutions. By combining these inputs with the most progressive research thinking, we deliver robust, cutting-edge solutions.

  • Your best practice built in

    We take the best thinking in marketing science, consumer insights & scale that on our platform and then tailor it to your unique needs. So you get insights that reflect what's important to your business, that answers your questions and is systematized.

  • Insights that drive growth

    We support you in democratizing access to insights so consumer centricity is at the heart of your business. So you become part of the strategic decisions, driving growth.

Since partnering with Zappi, our creative effectiveness has improved by almost a third across all our advertising. This equates to PepsiCo gaining hundreds of millions in value!
Stephan GansSVP Chief Consumer Insights & Analytics Officer. PepsiCo.
Pepsico logo in black on a transparent background


In the conversation from the start

Run quality research fast, with solutions that are specifically designed for early stages of idea development, so you learn earlier what works & what doesn’t. Bring an objective consumer-centric view to influence and shape ideas right from the start, resulting in the strongest possible ads & products.

  • Ads are 62% more effective with early stage research

  • Zappi early stage innovation testing put Walkers, Pepsico, on track to grow the brand by 45%


Quick pivots to nurture your ideas

Think hours and days, not weeks and months. After all, what good are findings if it’s too late to act on them? Expect real-time results in as few as 6 hours

With speed and technology, now you can bring consumer perspectives into every decision, from day one. These agile insights won’t just tell you which ads or products to launch, but how to make them better.


Ever improving methods

We combine inputs from leading insights & marketing teams, the most progressive research thinking, to deliver robust, cutting-edge solutions that work in the real world.

We beta test every solution, repeating & validating for consistency. We constantly monitor and improve our methods so we ask the right questions and deliver the most relevant insights for your brand.


A learning loop that makes you smarter

Look across all your research quickly & easily to learn what works & what doesn't, creating a learning loop over time.

So you always know what you know - and so does the rest of your business - which means you don't repeat the same mistakes and you improve the standard of everything you do.

"We are getting smarter & smarter over time by connecting all our data across brands, countries, categories, to give us meta learnings with Zappi."
Stephan GansSVP Chief Consumer Insights and Analytics Officer. PepsiCo.
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Our partnership with Zappi has resulted in the highest performing creative in the brand’s history. We have improved overall ad effectiveness by over 20% working with Zappi.
Lauren Stafford-Webb CMO, SoFi
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Agile data-led decisions

Agility is built into our platform so you can make better decisions every day. The more you do, the better it gets. Enjoy fast, actionable, connected insights.

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