Innovate quickly & confidently to drive growth

With an agile research system that fuels product development with better, more actionable consumer insights early & often

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Zappi Innovation System

Not just a better pre-test. A better consumer centric innovation development system. Zappi is the only agile market research platform that creates a learning loop, making you smarter the more you use it.

    Find & fast track your best ideas
    Iterate with concept elements like pack, price, range, tariffs, menu items
    Optimize & validate for commercial success

Proven to help you develop more effective products & services


higher success rates for agile innovation vs conventional


faster from ideation to innovation with Zappi


innovation ideas improved using Zappi


Nurture ideas & concepts

Bring consumer perspectives into every innovation decision. Using insights that don't just tell you which products to launch, but how to make them better. See what to optimize and why from actionable diagnostics, to discover:

  • What consumers like/dislike with open-ended feedback.

  • What design & messaging elements are working & why.

  • What should be packaged together to drive growth


Identify potential to drive growth

Unhelpful go / no go assessments are a thing of the past. We've worked with top innovators & behavioral experts to create frameworks that identify the best launch strategies so you can squeeze the most out of every idea.

  • Find your audience & product market fit

  • Real world insights

  • Proven metrics


Learn from all your research

You can’t create a competitive advantage while doing what everyone else is doing. Spot the most compelling opportunities through your lens using tagging & clever data structures. All in just a few clicks.

  • Easily identify characteristics that drive success (or not)

  • Understand what consumers want you to do differently

  • See if your ideas & concept work is improving year on year.

For a new shake flavor, I analyze drivers of interest & purchase in the shakes we’ve tested before. I see how consumers played those concepts back & what we can do differently.
Matt CahillSenior Director, Consumer Insights Activation at McDonald's
With Zappi, we have gained the ability to iterate on ideas instead of using a traditional validation approach. This has improved how we learn throughout the entire research process and improved our success rate in-market.
Jessica SouthardSenior Manager, Consumer and Market Insights, MARS
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Make good ideas great. Make great ideas greater.

No.1 agile research platform

Great innovation comes from a process of continuous experimentation and iteration. No matter where you are in that process, we’ve got a system that helps you turn great ideas into great products.

    Innovate with confidence
    Smart research design built in partnership with leading brands gives you strategic direction for launch and insights into incremental growth.
    Optimize for success
    Rich diagnostics give you clear guidance on what to optimize and why. Our speed & value lets you be agile and iterate, leading to more successful innovations.
    Get smarter over-time
    Innovative platform that builds knowledge over time and gives you a head start for your next innovation
    Super flexible
    Combine tried & tested methods tailored with your business' knowledge. Flexible audiences, custom questions, slicing & dicing of your data on the fly.
    Highest qualiy responses
    ESOMAR & ISO certified suppliers combined with market leading quality checks.
    Co-created with leading brands
    Our research & data science experts work with leading brands to co-create solutions. To deliver research that is effective in the real world.

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