Fast track the most promising concepts

Identify the concepts with the highest potential and shape them to maximize commercial success.

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Your research questions answered

You’ve developed your concepts, find out whether they work for your audience, how to improve your concepts and get confident that these are the ideas with the highest commericial potential.

    Which of my concepts generate most incremental growth?
    How can I improve my concepts to maximize commercial success?
    What is the right go to market strategy for this concept?

Activate the right ideas in the right way


Quickly identify commercial potential

Uncover concept potential amongst category audience and specific target groups to prioritize your options, with results within as little as 4 hours.

  • Powerful framework based on trial & breakthrough potential

  • Assessment & direction to easily identify routes to success

  • Fast, flexible filtering & real-time norms for target audiences


Optimize for success

Get rich consumer feedback & clear guidance on what to optimize and why from comprehensive diagnostics:

  • Open ended consumer feedback & auto-coded themes

  • Pack & selling messages heatmapped

  • Occasions, attributes & metrics like love, relevance etc


Launch with confidence

Smart research methods, built in partnership with leading brands, gives you strategic direction for innovations & insights into incremental growth. Understand if your concept drives incremental revenue and explore all routes to consumer-driven category & franchise growth.

No.1 agile research platform

Great innovation comes from a process of continuous experimentation and iteration. No matter where you are in that process, we’ve got a system that helps you turn great ideas into great products.

    Innovate with confidence
    Smart research design built in partnership with leading brands gives you strategic direction for launch and insights into incremental growth.
    Optimize for success
    Rich diagnostics give you clear guidance on what to optimize and why. Our speed & value lets you be agile and iterate, leading to more successful innovations.
    Get smarter over-time
    Innovative platform that builds knowledge over time and gives you a head start for your next innovation
    Super flexible
    Combine tried & tested methods tailored with your business' knowledge. Flexible audiences, custom questions, slicing & dicing of your data on the fly.
    Highest qualiy responses
    ESOMAR & ISO certified suppliers combined with market leading quality checks.
    Co-created with leading brands
    Our research & data science experts work with leading brands to co-create solutions. To deliver research that is effective in the real world.

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