Building an innovation pipeline with Reckitt

Discover how Reckitt and Zappi worked together to create a meaningful benchmark for the Intimate Wellness team to use to make decisions about which concepts to move forward with.

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Key results

  • Innovation pipeline

    The intimate wellness team established a five-year innovation pipeline across its three brands.

  • Strong partnership

    Reckitt and Zappi developed a strong partnership based on a mutual desire to tackle tough challenges.

  • Meaningful benchmarks

    Custom attitudinal norms provide a meaningful benchmark for Reckitt's concept testing efforts.

Zappi allows us to test our innovation ideas with the right audiences and with a meaningful category benchmark. This gives us confidence that our innovation ideas will be competitive and will fully address the needs of our priority audiences.
Georgina FarmerGlobal Insights & Analytics Manager for Intimate Wellness
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A focus on core audiences to build strong brands

Over the years, the intimate wellness team at Reckitt tightened its strategy to target the core audience for each of its brands. A brand can’t be everything to everyone, so the team is focused on ensuring that each of its brands appeals to a clear audience and provides value to that group.

The three main brands in Reckitt’s intimate wellness category (Durex, KY and Queen V) were given updated brand purposes that would speak to their target audiences, and the team was tasked with building an innovation pipeline that would drive success for the category over the next five years. They needed to shape the ideas that would build each of the brand’s new propositions and appeal directly to the core audiences for each brand.

To accomplish this, the team needed to take a clear approach to concept testing.


Agile concept testing with meaningful benchmarks

The team turned to Zappi for innovation concept testing. Together, Zappi and Reckitt forged new ground for both companies by building three custom intimate wellness attitudinal norms comprising concepts tested with the core audiences for each of the three brands.

With Zappi, the insights team can test concepts quickly and cost effectively, against a meaningful benchmark that helps them make decisions about which concepts to move forward with and how to optimize each one for success. And with a flexible configuration with custom and audience questions, the team can understand which concepts are most aligned with each brand’s purpose.

Plus, the Zappi platform offers a collaborative workspace where everyone in the team can access the data, filter the results and analyze concept performance over time.


A strong innovation pipeline

Zappi offers Reckitt a more agile concept testing method compared to other providers it has used in the past. Reckitt has been able to use the learnings it has compiled from testing over 100 concepts to confidently shape the innovation pipeline for each of the brands for the next five years.

What I've especially enjoyed is how the Zappi team is up for any challenge we throw their way. They listened to us and helped us develop a solution that works for us.
Mariline Alsuar-DeanGlobal Insights & Analytics Lead for Intimate Wellness
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The Zappi difference

  • Up for a challenge

    The Zappi team is always ready to take on a challenge when it helps support a company’s specific needs.

  • Flexibility

    There are a number of ways to customize the Zappi experience, including building custom norms that give you a benchmark that matters to you.

  • An agile platform

    Zappi’s agile platform lets you test innovation concepts quickly and cost effectively so you can create products people love. let's talk about you!