Haleon measures brand impact of digital ad campaign in-flight

Learn how Haleon was able to measure the brand impact of live digital ads by partnering with Zappi.

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Key outcomes

  • Diving deeper into metrics that matter

    Haleon gained a full view of how various elements of the campaign performed against brand consideration and other brand metrics.

  • Delivering success, at speed

    Campaign performance results were in the hands of Haleon's stakeholders within a week (while campaign still in flight!)

  • The power to take action

    Insights were in the hands of decision-makers to help them optimize before the campaign had run it's course, giving them the option to make necessary tweaks to make sure their campaign soared.

We planned a digital advertising campaign to build & promote the Advil brand in the US. We wanted to understand how format, creatives, audiences were performing, so we could determine how to optimize our digital advertising & increase market share.
Krista KempskiDirector, Consumer Insights


Driving brand consideration with a digital ad campaign

As a science-led global healthcare company, Haleon’s purpose is to help people do more, feel better, and live longer. To build and promote their Advil brand in the US, Haleon was looking to run a digital advertising campaign. What the Haleon team really wanted to understand from this campaign was how its elements (format, creatives, audiences) were performing, so they could determine how to optimize their digital advertising and increase market share.

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No 1 selling pain reliever in the world tested on Zappi


Moving forward with purpose

Haleon used these learnings to inform planning decisions for the next Advil campaign. Based on these insights, they're planning to focus on digital video and product focused messaging for the brand.

Key results

In-depth insights that matter

Zappi gave the Haleon team the insight they needed to see how the campaign performed against brand consideration and other brand metrics. They were able to analyze which formats and creatives performed best.

Some key learnings included:

  • Video ads were over five times more likely to drive brand consideration than animated display ads

  • Their product-focused ad was the clear winner vs. their brand-focused ad

  • Younger audiences responded more favorably than older audiences

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