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Zappi is the only market research platform that makes you smarter the more you use it. 

We help brands grow smarter with fast, affordable and high-quality consumer insights. Through our agile market research platform, users can make every new product and advertising campaign better than the last by embedding the voice of consumers into the development process. 

With Zappi, each new data point feeds a constant learning loop which helps inspire new ideas, optimize early stage concepts and validate late-stage ideas. The result? You get smarter over time and build a culture of learning, not testing. 

Our mission is to bring consumer centricity to every business with fast, affordable and better insights. That starts by elevating the role of insights teams in their organizations. We want to help you be more than project managers and providers of one off answers. We support you in democratizing access to insights with timely, relevant insights that drive key business decisions. 

Zappi has been named the Best Marketing Insights Platform by the 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Awards and one of the hottest martech companies by Business Insider, and our award-winning culture has been recognized by FastCompany, Comparably, Quirks, Great Place to Work, and more.

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Find the ideas that work for your audience. Shape the best ones and polish them with consumer insights, so you can launch winning products.

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