Create digital ads people love

Our platform lets you find the ‘why’ behind your digital advertising. What works, what holds attention, what builds brands and what drives sales.

Break through digital clutter

Get insights that add a rich narrative to your digital ad performance so you can make the best ads that truly stand out and deliver.

Performance beyond clicks

Be a brand building digital marketer

Digital advertising has a greater role in brand building than ever before. Gone are the days where clicks were all that mattered. Performance metrics are great but can’t tell you the full picture. You need to know about brand building, but they don’t help you understand what’s working and why. Do people like your ad? Do they even notice your ad? Does it fit with your brand? Do your key messages land? Get the full picture of what’s going on with your digital ads.

Retrospective analysis

Add a narrative to your past performance

Why did your best digital ads succeed? Why did others fail? Join the biggest brands (like Facebook) and do a retrospective analysis on your most recent ads. Test your past ads to dig into what worked or didn’t work so you can draw the right conclusions to make better ads in the future.


Move at the speed of digital

There’s no time to waste getting digital ads to market. Get insights in hours so you can find out what works and what to optimize so you can get your best digital ads out.

In-context optimization

Nail your execution on each social platform

A winning TV ad doesn’t always grab attention on a cluttered social platform. What works on Facebook doesn’t always work on YouTube. Test your ads in the right context to make sure they’ll perform in the places they’ll be seen. See how your ads perform in: TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

The Zappi team has been instrumental in helping us grow our business.They have helped us improve our advertising creative dramatically in addition to helping us make sure that we're putting the most impactful claims in market.
Jean Michel-HoffmanHead of Brand Strategy and Marketing, SoFi
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