Mars Petcare's agile innovation process

Discover how the Mars Petcare team uses Zappi ScreenIt to validate early concepts as part of their agile innovation process.

An agile innovation process

  • Global adoption

    Mars Petcare adopted ScreenIt as a recommended solution to increase agility and human centricity across brands and markets. Since 2019, the team has tested more than 1,100 ideas!

  • Efficient decision-making

    Due to the speed and cost of ScreenIt, Mars Petcare can get rigorous insight at an early stage. This helps the team save valuable time and energy in making tough decisions.

  • Increased human centricity

    Mars Petcare grounds their product development in human needs and tensions. Zappi allows them to validate their new ideas by providing early feedback from the people they are designing for.


Driving agility in front-end innovation

Innovation is a driving force at Mars Petcare. An agile and human-centric mindset has been key to launching products that help the company stay ahead of competitors. The team at Mars Petcare recognizes that early idea testing is a critical component of an agile design process. Without early testing, they could start developing an idea that is inherently misaligned with consumers’ needs. Once the teams develop multiple new ideas to solve the challenges of pet owners around the world, they need to rely on an insights solution that can bring their best ideas to the surface quickly.


Adopting Zappi ScreenIt to unlock winning decision-making

The company turned to ScreenIt as their go-to solution to progress their most promising new ideas easily and quickly. The solution allowed Mars Petcare to use the Zappi platform to get early product idea drafts in front of their consumers — right at the start of the creation process. As a ranking solution, ScreenIt helps Mars Petcare spot the ideas that resonate more with pet owners in just one glance. Its comprehensive reporting gives the team invaluable feedback for ongoing concept refinement.


An agile innovation process

  • Over 1,000 innovation ideas tested globally in just a few years

  • Faster and easier decision-making earlier in the innovation process

  • An innovation process grounded in meeting consumer needs

"We can run a test on Tuesday night knowing that we will be ready to present results by Thursday morning. It is fantastic."
Robert HallerCMI Global Pedigree
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