How Wendy's found success in a busy time

How to balance delivering creative and innovation insights for the business while your team is in transition.

Key outcomes

  • Fast understanding of ways of working

    Getting clarity on the context for each project, understanding the key metrics and learning from previous examples on how results are delivered internally.

  • Levelling up from 1 to 20 projects

    Finding an expert in QSR gave the team serious extra bandwidth and got them through a demanding few months.

  • Unlocking meaningful learnings

    Supporting the team with the execution of projects and unlocking learnings from their data to find meaningful trends that address business needs.


Many briefs not enough people

Sound familiar? You have likely experienced moments where you needed support to help you meet all the research requests that inform important business decisions — especially while your team is facing some kind of transition.

This was exactly what happened to Wendy’s insights team when Stephanie Lancaster, Manager of Consumer Insights, faced a three-month maternity leave while the team still had to attend to the organization’s creative and innovation testing needs.


In just 3 months

Valerie went from running 1 to 20 projects.

There was a seamless transition of responsibilities thanks to an easy-to-use platform combined with Alex’s expert support.

Wendy’s insights team was able to react to research needs quickly and assertively.

Working with Alex and the consulting team was amazing - they jumped right in, were extremely accommodating of tight timelines and produced high quality work. Their support made a busy time a lot less stressful.
Valerie Schroder Associate Manager, Consumer Insights at The Wendy's Company let's talk about you