Zappi Recognized as Best AI Startup by SaaStock USA

Making waves at SaaStock

We are beyond excited to announce that Zappi has just been recognized as the Best AI Startup by SaaStock USA in their SaaS Revolutionaries awards. Being recognized among such stellar competition is no small feat. SaaStock USA has a keen eye for innovation and impact, and to be crowned as the best AI startup is an achievement we feel specially proud of. But what makes Zappi stand out in the crowded AI landscape.

The AI Effect on Market Research

Did you know that more than 30,000 new products are launched every year, but a staggering 95% of them fail? This statistic underscores the importance of integrating consumer feedback early and often in product development. AI plays a crucial role in this process, offering invaluable insights that can be used to create, optimize, and localize products for different consumer segments.

At Zappi, we’re all about putting consumer insights at the heart of every business. Our mission? To digitize consumer insights for every enterprise through connected insights that enable the unlock of true consumer centricity.

In the words of our CEO, Steve Phillips:

"This recognition by SaaStock USA underscores our mission to make digitized consumer insights accessible, actionable, and impactful. AI will be a force of change in the insights industry – changing how we work and where inspiration comes from. We’re excited to continue pushing those boundaries for our customers.”

But we are not just another AI tool. Through AI-enabled technology, we're helping brands like PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Reckitt, Colgate-Palmolive, and Mars to stay agile and become truly customer-centric by putting consumers at the center of everything they do.

We use AI to augment their human expertise and connect the dots across global brands, products and teams, helping them to stay nimble and closer to their consumers than ever before.

Why It Matters

So what makes Zappi stand out? In short, it’s our belief that when brands create a connected, harmonious data set, they can apply technology to improve their every decision. 

We apply AI across our platform to help our customers stay agile and consumer-centric. Here’s how:

  • Pinpointing Preferences: AI’s ability to analyze vast data sets and pinpoint trends allows us to tailor products and campaigns to specific consumer segments. It's like having a crystal ball that predicts what your customers will love (or leave).

  • Create, Optimize, Localize: More than 30,000 new products hit the market every year, and a staggering 95% of them fail. Our AI tools help brands gather customer feedback early and often, creating, optimizing, and localizing ideas based on real consumer insights. We’ve seen nearly 20% improvements in key performance indicators of new products when optimized by consumer feedback and AI. 

  • Augmenting Human Expertise: While AI provides the data, human creativity and intuition bring it to life. This combination helps brands not just meet but anticipate consumer needs, making their campaigns resonate more profoundly.

A Bright Future Ahead

This isn't just a moment for us to celebrate—it's a call to action for all insights professionals and marketing decision-makers. If you haven't yet explored the power of AI for market research, there’s no better time than now.

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