8 market research blogs you need to read for 2023

Kelsey Sullivan

Everyone wants to stay on top of their game and keep up to date with the latest trends and strategies in their industry. And what better time to start applying new learnings than when you’re kicking off a fresh new year?

If you’ve followed our blog so far, you know our goal is to provide you with the latest tips, tricks and inspiration on all things insights, advertising and innovation.  

To help bring our most powerful tips to the forefront, we reviewed our data to compile our top market research blogs of the year to help you kick off 2023 with a bang.

Read on for a countdown of our eight top performing articles and why you should read them.

#8. What makes the ultimate insights partner

Kicking it all off, number eight is all about the skill sets you need to become the ultimate insights partner. 

During the past season of the Inside Insights podcast, co-hosts Patricia Montesdoeca and Ryan Barry discussed the skill sets of the ideal insights partner of the future based on input from our guests throughout the season.

We compiled these learnings for a breakdown of what it takes to be the ultimate insights partner, straight from the mouths of global insights leaders of today. 

📖 Read this if you’re trying to develop your skills as an insights professional, particularly if you’re at the beginning stages of your journey or if you’re trying to grow as a leader.

🎙️ What it takes to be an (almost) perfect insights professional

If you prefer to listen, check out the conversation on the podcast.

#7. 4 tips to help you reach innovation research master status

For those of you involved in product launches, you know how daunting it can be. You never know if you've got a hit until it hits the market, and at that point there's a lot riding on its success. 

But if you test, learn and optimize throughout your process, you can increase your confidence and ultimately create products people love. But how do you get there?

Keeping it going with the career growth topic, this blog covers the four steps you can take to reach these goals and achieve innovation research master status.

📖 Read this if you’re an insights professional who largely works on product launch or product expansion projects to help you master the innovation process.

#6. Are your shoppers aware you've redesigned your packaging?

Calling all shopper insights pros: Are you making fatal errors when it comes to packaging redesign? 

This article shares a recent experience our Head of Shopper Insights had while shopping for a specific brand of baby formula, when she noticed the negative effect the brand’s refresh had on the consumer experience. 

Learn what she discovered as well as her tips on what you can do to ensure your brand doesn’t make the same mistakes.  

📖 Read this if you’re an insights professional who frequently tests packaging designs or are a marketing leader involved in rebranding campaigns to make sure you’re covering all the bases.

#5. 5 tips for successful advertising during big events

Fifth on our list is an article about advertising during a heavy-hitting event in the US: the Super Bowl. 

We talked to 12,000 people covering over 60 ads in total, comparing them to one another and to the other 3,500 ads we have developed using the same methodology. As part of that analysis, we tagged all the ads with 26 different attributes to help us uncover some of the factors behind this year’s successful advertising spots.

Check it out for our main takeaways for brands to take into their ad development process in the Super Bowl and other big events in the future.

 📖 Read this if you’re an insights or marketing professional looking to nail down what factors go into creating a winning ad and what trends consistently resonate with consumers.

#4. Why your data needs to account for cultural response bias

As an insights professional, why wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re interpreting accurate data? That’s where this blog comes in. 

Cultural response bias is the effect of respondents from different cultures answering in different ways for quantitative research — which can cause problems for market research analysis if it’s not accounted for.

Check out this article to learn more about the types of cultural bias that can be found in quantitative surveys as well as share our insights on cultural response bias, backed by our own data.

📖 Read this if you’re a market researcher looking for ways to improve the quality of your data to better inform your business decisions over time.

#3. The formula for sleighing Christmas ads in 2023

If you’ve been following our series of articles this year, you already know we’ve conducted extensive research to get you the key learnings from 2022’s top performing Christmas ads. 

But as this season comes to an end, we thought: How do these ads compare to last year’s? Is there anything we can learn from them to take with us into 2023?

Check out this blog for our final analysis of Christmas ads to set you up for success when the next holiday season rolls around. 

📖  Read this if you’re an insights professional in the advertising space who’s trying to find your brand’s winning formula for blockbuster advertising. 

🎄 Top performing holiday ads

Check out what we learned about some of the most successful holiday campaigns.

#2. We’re heading into a recession… Are you ignoring your customers?

Next up, an article on weathering recessions. For some brands, a first reaction can often be to freeze and wait to see what happens. But that’s rarely the right tactic when it comes to customer research. 

In this article, Zappi President Ryan Barry shares his tips for driving growth during the recession and how to set your business up for sustained success on the other side.

📖 Read this if you’re an insights leader trying to understand how you can help set your organization for success during trying times.

#1. 3 things I learned about brand building from Mark Ritson

Drumroll please! 🥁 

Our top market research blog of the year was all about some valuable lessons we learned from Mark Ritson — brand consultant, Marketing Week columnist and all-around smart person.

He had recently given an insightful talk to our Insights Alliance, a group of like-minded professionals working together to transform and digitize the world of insights, where we learned a lot about brand building that insights and marketing professionals alike can benefit from. 

We took those tips and placed them in this article to share more broadly. Check it out to get our top three takeaways.

 📖  Read this if you’re a marketing or insights professional looking to better understand ways to elevate your brand. 

🎙️ How to do marketing people love

If you prefer to listen, check out our podcast interview with Mark Ritson on how to do marketing people love.

Wrapping up

If you haven’t already read each of these articles, we hope that bringing our top insights blogs to your attention gives you some ideas you can bookmark and start applying when you come back in the new year. 

From all of us at Zappi, we wish you a very happy holiday season and we’ll see you in 2023!

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