Data for creators: Inspire and validate your ideas

Steve Phillips

You are a creator.

You’re a creator even if you don’t call yourself one. Because if you’re part of a team that creates brands, ads or innovative new products and services, you’re a creator.

As a creator, you want to bring the best possible version of your creations to market.

But creating something great — something that stands out — is becoming increasingly more difficult in our cluttered world. You need to know what resonates with people (and why) so you can create brands, ads, products and experiences they love.

Not something they simply tolerate, but something they love.

The right data for the job

You need data that will spark your imagination and inspire your ideas. You need to ask questions and get answers fast — so you can validate that you’re on the right track without slowing down your creative process. And you need digital data that can be distributed seamlessly through your organization so everyone can learn from it and it can continue to fuel creation in the future.

In the absence of this kind of data, creators have been forced to trade confidence for speed. They’ve had to rely on their gut instincts to anticipate what consumers might like. Or they’re forced to use slow, analog data stuck in PowerPoints that quickly get lost within the business.

Introducing data for creators

With all that in mind, I’d like to reintroduce you to Zappi, the agile platform designed for creators.

We have built the world’s most powerful automated consumer insights platform that provides actionable, quick and smart data — so you can inspire and validate your ideas and can create something people love.

We call that data for creators.

It’s data specifically for you, the creator.

With Zappi, you don’t run research for research’s sake. And you don’t use Zappi to check a box or get a “grade” on your “assignment.”

You use Zappi as a source of inspiration. You use it to learn how consumers respond to your creations and what you can do to make them the best they can be. You use Zappi to embed that learning throughout your organization so everyone can get smarter about your consumers over time.

Zappi is fast, built to suit your needs, and leverages the freshest thinking to help you understand consumers in today’s world.

In short, the data you get with Zappi doesn’t stifle your creativity, as creators might expect data to do. Zappi fuels your creativity.

Create something people love in 2022

It can be easy to go through the motions of your job without remembering the bigger picture. Everything you learn about your consumers is used to create something that serves the needs of real people.If you got into this business, I know you find joy in putting out something people really care about and pay attention to. “Create something people love” can be something you aspire to do every day.We certainly aspire to create something people love at Zappi. As a customer, you can expect a few things from us this year:

  • New solutions to help you understand what resonates with consumers so you can create something they love

  • New features geared toward making the Zappi platform easier to use so you can seamlessly incorporate data into your creative process

  • Increased flexibility so you can access the Zappi platform on your terms

Ready to get started? Talk to someone about how Zappi can help you get the right data to inspire and validate your ideas.