Creative Suite

Listen to your audience early and often, from big idea, through storylines and on to executions to create objectively better campaigns people love that grow your brand.

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Insights to develop your best campaigns

Create advertising people love and that grows your brand by iterating, optimizing and developing ads with human insights at every stage so you can iterate, optimize and learn on an ongoing basis.

  • Storylines

    Explore lots of storyboards before investing in production. Get early insights to choose the best and learn how to turn them into successful ads.

  • Digital ads

    Perfect your digital ads to make them stand out and drive your brands’ objectives. Learn about their effectiveness - and what drives this -in social contexts, like Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram.

  • TV ads

    Produce a winning TV ad every time. Optimize your executions with real actionable consumer feedback that’s predictive of in market outcomes.

  • Audio ads

    Engage your audience on radio and podcasts by optimizing your audio ads to reinforce key associations for your brand.

  • Static ads

    Make out of home & press ads that are noticed and remembered by your audience. Optimize and push your brand more top of mind in cluttered out of home environments.

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Fast & Effective

Iterate your ideas quickly & easily

Find and develop your best campaigns, using easy, quick, affordable research to iterate idea and ads. Get actionable results in as little as 6 hours, in over 40 markets.

Ongoing cycle of improvement

Fuel your future by learning from your past

With all your data carefully stored and organized in the platform it’s easy to compare to previous campaigns and iterations of ads.

Advanced analytics allow you to go a step further, identifying themes driving success and explore what could work for you in the future.

Learn from every data point you have, again and again, to create an ongoing cycle of improvement.

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Winning campaigns

Nail your multi-channel campaign

A winning TV ad doesn’t always grab attention in a cluttered social feed. What works on Facebook doesn’t always work on YouTube. Research your ads in the context they will be seen/heard to develop them perfectly for where you’ll spend. Compare to norms databases for video, static and audio formats to be used on TV, out of home, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and non social placements to optimize with precision and invest with confidence.

Highly flexible

Tailor easily to your needs

Act in confidence with measures which relate to in market outcomes, whilst combining this with flexibility to access relevant audiences, add custom questions and compare to relevant and aspirational benchmarks of your choice.

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Develop, don’t test

More powerful used as a development tool than a ‘test’. Is your current ad strong enough and why, what works and what doesn’t? Get moment by moment emotional reactions & verbatims auto themed through AI. Deep dive into individual responses to improve your ad.



Explore lots of storylines before you invest in production.



Make your ads even stronger by refining them based on how people respond to every moment.



Launch with confidence, knowing your ad will deliver strong ROI.



Gather learnings over time, from across your research, to fuel an ongoing cycle of improvement.

Helping brands create more effective advertising time & time again

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