Zappi named "Best Marketing Insights Platform" in 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Awards


We're excited to announce that today, Zappi was awarded the prestigious title of "Best Marketing Insights Platform" in the 6th annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards program. 

Selected as a standout among more than 3,500 nominations spanning 19 countries, this recognition validates our dedication to making actionable, on-demand insights accessible to brands. Conducted by MarTech Breakthrough, these awards recognize outstanding achievements in marketing, advertising, and sales technology across the globe.

Steve Phillips, our CEO and co-founder, expressed his gratitude for MarTech Breakthrough's recognition: "We’re grateful to MarTech Breakthrough for validating our aim to improve advertising effectiveness for brands with actionable, on-demand consumer insights.

The Zappi difference

At Zappi, we believe truly innovative work starts and ends with the consumer, and we help brands incorporate the voice of their customers in every new product and advertising campaign. Our platform has been designed to inspire, optimize, and validate brands’ best ideas, ensuring that they resonate with core audiences. 

What sets Zappi apart is our unique combination of expertise in both technology and research. Our agile, technology-driven approach to market research -- including our use of machine learning to identify and remove inauthentic responses -- streamlines consumer data delivery from weeks to hours. While our methodology ensures predictable, high-quality and connected feedback from core audience segments at every stage of product and advertisement development. This allows teams to focus their resources on ideas with high ROI potential while simultaneously identifying areas for improvement.

Zappi uses AI to arm marketers with on-demand insights, inspiring their best ideas, optimizing their work in progress, and validating their thinking at every step in the creative process. Most new products and ads fail when they hit the market because it’s hard to understand if a product will resonate with customers before it’s launched. Zappi is enabling enterprises to become more agile with real consumer feedback baked into its creation process.

-James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough

Our learning loop

Amplify provides marketers not only with the ability to confidently bring new advertising to market by validating every step of the creative process on individual projects – from storyboards through post-production – but lets brands get better over time. 

Zappi offers a robust, living benchmark of over 1.2 billion data points, from testing over 100,000 creative ideas, so every time a brand tests a new ad or product they can compare it to norms across country, category, competitors and more. This living benchmark means that on single projects, brands can understand quickly how their ideas stack up to their past work. Long-term, it enables brands to track their trends in creative effectiveness to continue raising the creative bar time and time again. 

Zappi is not just another testing solution; it’s a marketer’s shortcut to understanding what consumers need, and the ability to follow those needs as they change moment-to-moment.

Upping the ante in 2023

We launched Amplify 2.0, a consumer-centric ad development system, in 2023. Developed in collaboration with global consumer giants like PepsiCo, Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive and Domino’s, Amplify combines Zappi’s agile research with best-in-class methodology proven through side-by-side analysis to be 60% more predictive of in-market performance than legacy research providers. 

Amplify layers the best thinking in advertising research to create the most predictive and accurate advertising development suite available. The system utilizes a unique, three-part methodology across in-context exposure, System 1 emojis, and System 2 forced exposure to build a holistic view of ad performance. The Amplify framework, called the “Three R’s” includes: 

  • Reach: Measuring brand recall, creative and brand distinctiveness, and viewer retention to understand an ad’s potential to stand out in the context of today’s crowded media environment. 

  • Resonance: Tracking second-by-second emotional response while consumers view the creative, so brands can understand when viewers are most engaged or where they can optimize the story to be relevant and make consumers feel good. 

  • Response: Observing how creative impacts brand appeal and purchase uplift to spark a strong consumer response and brand consideration. 

Data from our “Three R” framework is combined into a weighted summary metric, called creative effectiveness, which is highly predictive of ROI. The result? A methodology proven to improve creative effectiveness upwards of 30% over time. 

But the idea is simple, really. By bringing consumer feedback into the creative process early, marketers can quickly validate their best ideas, optimize their messaging and creative to appeal to what consumers want, and inspire new concepts so they can go to market knowing – not hoping – that their creative will be a smash-hit with their core audience.  

Effective advertising happens when advertisers understand their consumers and create work that connects the brand to their needs. With Zappi, brands have a platform where they can validate and optimize their work with feedback from their most important audiences before it goes to market and inspire their next great idea.

- Steve Phillips, CEO and co-founder of Zappi

Our journey forward

The recognition received from the MarTech Breakthrough Awards is a testament to Zappi's unyielding dedication to innovation, insight, and excellence. We’ll use this validating moment to push even harder toward our mission of providing every brand with digitized consumer insights to improve their advertising and products. 

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