Introducing Zappi’s new look

Lucie Taylor
An image of a male Zappi employee for the homepage.

In case you missed it, earlier this year we refreshed our brand narrative

Our goal was to tell the Zappi story in a more flexible, future proof way that could inspire and integrate our future innovations — while keeping our customers as the hero of the story. 

We spent a lot of time considering who those customers are, and it became clear to us that our customers are creators. They each play an essential role in creating amazing brand experiences for their customers. We found that there’s a special and inspiring partnership that exists between insights and marketing teams. Each group is a critical part of creating brands, ads and innovative products people love.

No matter whether you’re global or local, an insights manager, marketer, brand manager, digital product manager, digital marketer, product innovator or category manager — we want to celebrate you as a creator.  

Our vision

WHY: We help creators make magic happen

HOW: By inspiring and validating the creation of winning ideas.

WITH WHAT: Data for creators

Now, we’ve refreshed our brand and our website

After we had the story down, we set out to elevate our visual brand to help us articulate that story.

Our rebellious and curious spirit has always been at the heart of the Zappi brand (we refer to our brand image as “rebel-magician'') — and that needed to remain at the center of what we’re all about. 

But as a business we recognize that what worked yesterday may not work today. Markets move fast, consumers change quickly, brands need to keep up. Through it, we keep experimenting. We keep working to find the magic.

We realized our brand was missing the unabashedly human element that our customers love us for. We are people, working with people, to understand people. Our technology supports these real-world relationships, rather than replaces them.

The solution was obvious. We needed a much larger, modern, bold, visual system of beautiful, interrelated graphic elements, sophisticated design and ownable imagery that would bring our new messaging to life. This was the natural next step for Zappi in our quest for global recognition. 

We worked with our digital agency Green Stone on a new look that was bold and human, taking inspiration from the best B2C brands.

Zappi's new homepage

We always considered Zappi to be a colorful brand with our bright pink standing out from the crowd, but now we’re taking colorful to a whole new level. Our new color palette is the same color palette we’ve had, just reframed with a much bolder clash of colors that injects a new energy.  

We now have some beautiful filters on photography of our customers and our teams in full vibrant glory. Incidentally this photography style is incredibly flattering, so even more lovely to celebrate the people we love working with.

We had a rich debate about whether we should change our logo, but we did not relent. We had Mark Ritson in our heads talking about brand codes and how we tire of them well before our customers do, so we kept our lovely logo, but injected it with more color and a new quirky font. The new font draws you in with its charming nature and then makes you pay attention with its awkward, interesting angles, like the best storytellers.  

We’ve also said goodbye to poor old Enzo and Zoe, our chat bots, and replaced them with Astro-cat, the helpful explorer space cat.

Looking to the future

As we continue to grow, our customers should expect the same commitment to their success with human centricity at our core, while we build and evolve great products to put human data at the heart of every creator conversation.  Only now, our brand will better represent us and will continue to celebrate the creators that inspire us.  

We hope you enjoy this new chapter, and thank you all for your help, your support, your questions, challenges and ideas. Zappi is yours more than ever.

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