Report: Predicting advertising success

Predict winning ads with greater accuracy than ever before. Download your report to get 6 key insights on creating more effective ads–and how to validate them with the right testing.

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Discover the winning formula for your campaigns. Download the predicting advertising success eBook and learn the ad testing methods that most accurately predict creative effectiveness. đź‘€


Predicting advertising success

Unleash the full potential of your advertising and download the predicting advertising success eBook. Backed by analysis of over 2,300 predictive ad tests, this report covers:

  • Key elements that elevate campaigns above competitors

  • Ways to effectively measure emotional response for stronger engagement

  • A multi-pronged approach to maximize brand recall and sales conversions

Since partnering with Zappi, we have seen our creative effectiveness improve by almost 30% across all our advertising. This equates to PepsiCo gaining hundreds of millions in value from greater creative effectiveness this year!
Stephan GansChief Insights and Analytics Officer at PepsiCo
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