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With Zappi’s platform, we have a collaborative workspace where we all have access to the same tests with one click of a button. We have the analysis in one agile space, where we can adapt and change as per your analysis needs.
Georgina FarmerGlobal Insights & Analytics Manager, Intimate Wellness, Reckitt

Designed for your brand

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Easy, custom benchmarks

Dynamic comparisons

When it’s time to test your ad, you decide what to compare. Hold it up to your competitors’ and see how it performs. Not big enough? Step back and look at it across your category or vertical or even next to the best Super Bowl ads. Build your own benchmarks so you can get the data you need.

Brilliant basics to build from

Tailored solutions

You’re here to get the answers you’re looking for, and that may mean making surveys your own. We’ll give you the freedom to add questions where you need to while making sure you maintain proper consistency for deep analysis.

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Help at hand

Scalable service

You’ve got more to think about than how to use our platform, so we make it easy with everything from supported self-service to full consultancy. Onboarding is super-smooth, with platform gurus helping your team find their way around so they can get maximum value with minimal effort.

Tailor research to your needs

The path to creating great advertising and innovative products shouldn’t start with compromise. We’re here to help you gather the data you’re really looking for and analyze it the way you need to―so you can answer the questions that directly apply to your brand.

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