Report: The ingredients for “egg-cellent” Easter innovation

Learn which new Easter products are resonating with consumers in 2024 and what it tells us about how to create successful seasonal innovation.

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Discover the ingredients to successful Easter innovation 👀

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The ingredients for “egg-cellent” Easter innovation

Seasonal or limited-edition products launched in key moments, like Easter, can be a great way to increase brand awareness and drive incremental sales for brands. But not all limited-time products are a hit.

We researched 14 Easter products sold in the US in 2024 to understand their potential based on consumer feedback. Read our report to learn:

  • Which new Easter products are consumers most excited about this year?

  • What elements make a successful Easter innovation?

  • What role do new flavors, shapes and colors play in Easter innovation?

  • How can make sure your next Easter innovation fits with your brand and category?

With Zappi, we have gained the ability to iterate on ideas instead of using a traditional validation approach. This has improved how we learn throughout the entire research process and improved our success rate in-market.
Jessica SouthardSenior Manager, Consumer and Market Insights, MARS
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