Zappi voted best place to work by Comparably


Last week, company culture and benefits review platform Comparably launched its annual workplace awards of 2022, and we’re honored to have been recognized as a top workplace in the following categories:

#20 Happiest Employees

#32 Best Company Compensation

#7 Best Work-Life Balance

#42 Best Perks & Benefits

These recognitions are based on Zappi’s employees’ reviews on Comparably over the past year. Feedback is a pillar of our culture here at Zappi, and we use it to help us grow and become the company we aspire to be. We want to say thank you to our remarkable employees for their reviews and for making Zappi a great place to work every day!

Feedback is such an integral part of our culture because it directly correlates with our passion for transparency across the company. We know that sharing as much as we can with our employees enables us to grow together because we all have the same information and can learn from each other. And when teams have access to all the information they need, they can make better and bigger decisions. 

One of the ways we walk the walk on transparency is through open lines of communication across all levels and departments at Zappi. Employees share anonymous feedback with the company and our leadership team on a regular basis through Zappi’s quarterly internal eNPS survey to assess employee happiness and overall engagement at work.

The survey asks employees five categories of short questions around if they’d recommend Zappi as a place to work, how they feel about their career growth opportunity, and any advice they have for leadership. We analyze the data to identify an overall eNPS score that we use to get a pulse on how we’re doing as a company and culture. We also use the survey to identify key themes which we can improve on and action items to improve in those areas. We share our analysis across Zappi to hold ourselves accountable for making Zappi a great place to work. .

Employee review sites such as Comparably and Glassdoor are another great way for us to gather feedback and learn what we’re doing well, and where we have areas to improve. And because no one likes to give feedback that goes into a black hole, our CEO and CPO read and respond personally to reviews and use that feedback to further adapt our workplace culture.

But, don’t just take it from us. Check out these reviews from Zappi employees on Comparably to learn more about our culture, commitment to transparency, and what makes Zappi a great place to work:

  • “It is an absolute joy to work for Zappi, and I have learned so much from all four corners of the business. Everyone is fully engaged with their colleagues, and it really feels like people care about you.” — Review from Product & Engineering team member

  • “One of the things I really enjoy about Zappi's leadership team is the high level of transparency and communication. Trust is one of the main pillars of the business and I respect that it's practiced - not just talked about. LT is also personable - they feel more like coworkers than untouchable suits!” — Review from Customer Success team member

  • “The best part of the compensation package is the flexible time off. The company trusts its employees to take off as much time as they need without constant oversight. There is no need to take advantage of the system since we are treated with respect and understanding.” — Review from Customer Success team member

As Zappi’s Chief People Officer Tom Holliss says, “At Zappi, our culture and people have always been one of our most valued and critical assets. We want to be a company that attracts brilliant people and enables them to do brilliant work. But we also want to be a place where teams work together effectively and have fun along the way; a place where people have the autonomy to make decisions and experiment. We think people do their best work somewhere where they feel energized and passionate but also safe enough to take risks. The feedback we receive from our employees allows us to see our blindspots and solve challenges to continue creating a culture our employees love and feel welcomed in every day.”

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