McDonald’s secret sauce: Using connected insights to spot its next hit menu item

McDonald’s and Zappi describe how their partnership enabled McDonald’s to become more agile and increase ROI on new product innovation, and the framework to how they got there.

McDonald's fries and secret sauce (Webinar)

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Discover how McDonald’s uses an iterative approach to menu innovation — with a focus on optimization and experimentation and learning from a full body of research, rather than a single concept test at a time.

McDonald's secret sauce


McDonald’s secret sauce

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear about: 

  • McDonald’s iterative and experimentation-based approach to concept testing — focusing on optimizing ideas rather than grading them. 

  • The way McDonald’s learns from everything it already knows to “predict” what will matter to consumers and then use this information to design its next great product.

  • The story behind the brand’s successful Smokey BLT Quarter Pounder menu item and how it was created using consumer insights.

I can go in and easily search and know what we've tested before. So I can say, all right, I'm not going to evaluate anything individually in isolation. I'm going to evaluate everything relative to everything else I've already done.
Matt CahillSenior Director, U.S. Strategic Insights and Prioritization, McDonald's
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