Amplify Ad System

A highly predictive ad research system that helps you bring consumer insights into every step of your creative process and ensures your ads work in the real world.

Since partnering with Zappi, we have seen our creative effectiveness improve by 30% across all our advertising. This equates to PepsiCo gaining hundreds of millions in value from greater creative effectiveness this year!
Stephan GansChief Consumer Insights & Analytics Officer, Pepisco

How it works

  • InspireDon't just create a better ad, create better advertising. Learn from your past research and create a culture of consumer understanding to raise the creative bar.
  • OptimizeOptimize your creative with rich diagnostics - moment-by-moment reactions and detailed consumer feedback. PepsiCo saw a 30% increase in creative effectiveness.
  • ValidateSuperior methodology validated by some of the world's best brands. As a result, it's 60% more predictive of ROI than other research approaches, so you can invest in confidence.

Co-developed with some of the world's best advertisers

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Invest in confidence

60% more predictive of ROI

Amplify Ad System combines the best thinking in advertising research: In-context exposure, forced exposure, system 1 emojis and Byron Sharp's brand growth principles. As a result it better reflects today's consumer behavior and predicts in-market ROI of your advertising with 60% higher accuracy than other research approaches.

A three-sided venn diagram showing the Zappi Amplify Ad System at the center of forced exposure, in-context exposure, and system 1 emojis.


Rich responses help you optimize

Fast, powerful diagnostics & detailed consumer reactions produce actionable recommendations so you can optimize your campaigns throughout the development process and improve creative effectiveness.

  • Second-by-second reactions using emojis to access system 1 response

  • Second-by-second viewer retention rate measured through behavioral ad skipping

  • AI-based theming for likes/dislikes/distinctive brand assets

  • Ability to slice & dice data on the fly to dive into reactions of specific audience groups

  • Compare to relevant norms & benchmarks to gain competitive advantage and invest with confidence

Proven framework

An actionable framework to drive creative effectiveness

Aligned with key levers that drive creative effectiveness:

Reach: Does your ad cut through the clutter and bring the brand to mind?

Resonance: Does your ad resonate with consumers and elicits positive emotional response?

Response: Does your ad drive response in terms increasing brand appeal, consideration or purchase intent?

Learn early & often

Fast, end-to-end insights

Create more effective campaigns with end-to-end insights from storyboard, boardomatic, animatic, to final assets across TV and digital.

An all-in-one platform so you can systematically & quickly connect with your consumers as you iterate to optimize your campaigns and learn over time.

The result: More agile development, saving time & resources. And more effective campaigns.

We've built up a significant database of data about how our advertising and our competitors' one works, so we can connect the dots and draw meta learnings. The real value in raising the creative bar is when you begin to get to that meta insight.
Jane WakelyChief of Consumer & Marketing Officer at PepsiCo

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