Zappi Amplify Ad System

Amplify your creative effectiveness by iterating, optimizing, validating and learning for future success.

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End-to-end ad development

  • Storylines

    Explore lots of storyboards before investing in production. Get early insights to choose the best and learn how to turn them into successful ads.

  • TV ads

    Produce a winning TV ad every time by optimizing your executions with real actionable consumer feedback. Predictive of in market outcomes.

  • Digital ads

    Optimize your digital ads to make them stand out. Learn about their performance in social contexts, like Facebook & YouTube.

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Answer all your questions

Nail creative effectiveness

  • Will my ad drive a good return for my brand, short and long term?

  • Will my ad cut through the noise?

  • Does my ad make a positive emotional connection?

  • How can I make my ad work harder for the brand?

  • Does my ad pose any risks to my brand’s reputation?

  • How can I improve my advertising into the future?

Proven framework

Improve your ads

Pre-testing is only worth it if you learn something useful. Our validated return metric is diagnosed through reach, resonance, response and risk which help you decide on the best actions to take to optimize your ads.

Amplify Creative Sales Index vs Creative Brand Index
Zappi Amplify - System 1 emoji tracking minute by minute, how well does your ad perform?

Fast and effective

Move fast, iterate affordably without sacrificing depth

Getting answers fast and at a reasonable price means you can test and iterate with your ads as often as it takes to really nail it. Amplify Ad System provides fast results with moment by moment system 1 response, rigorous analytics and dynamic benchmarking enabling you to develop winning ads.

Holistic approach

Learn from three proven methods

Existing research methods are a good start, but the Amplify ad system builds on the best three approaches for ad research - in context exposure, forced exposure and system 1 emojis - to help you be successful in today’s multichannel landscape.

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Act in confidence

Predict your advertising ROI with greater accuracy

We’ve tested more than 2,000 ads from some of the largest global brands. Our approach was significantly more accurate at predicting in-market advertising ROI than legacy models.

Plus, wIth insights from 400 people per ad, that’s 2.5 times more than other methods, you get more robust data to help improve your advertising.

 not rejection

Gather consumer feedback along the way to iterate and optimize your best ideas into exceptional campaigns.



Explore lots of storylines before you invest in production.



Make your ads even stronger by refining them based on how people respond to every moment.



Launch with confidence, knowing your ad will deliver strong ROI.



Gather learnings over time, from across your research, to fuel an ongoing cycle of improvement.

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