Product Innovation System

Start and evolve your strongest ideas with actionable, connected insights from research throughout your innovation process.

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Insights throughout product development

  • Screen

    Screen as many of your early ideas as you like. Quickly find the ones that resonate the most with your audience and the ones that don’t.

  • Prioritize

    Take a number of your best early ideas, build them out into concepts and understand their short and long term potential and market fit.

  • Optimize

    Take your strongest concepts and finesse the elements of those concepts to maximize your ideas and connection to your audience.

  • Activate

    Bring all of your finessed elements back together to understand if the sum of the parts make for the most compelling product.

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Screen everything

Filter to find your best ideas

Narrow down your best ideas quickly and efficiently.

Screen It: Screen up to 80 items - like concepts, taglines, logos - in 50+ markets and easily identify which ones are worth moving forward. Drill down into specific elements of each item, including attribute association, persuasion, distinctiveness and other diagnostics. Understand which elements of your concept resonate with consumers through heatmaps and open ended feedback.

Prioritize ideas for growth

Fast track your best concepts

Get a nuanced direction for the success potential of your best early-stage concepts with your idea potential mapped against a robust benchmark.

Prioritize It: Identify your most appealing early product concepts and prioritize them for short term trial versus long term sustained growth. Learn from your audience what resonates and what misses the mark to optimize the ideas with most potential. Create an optimal go-to-market plan by understanding your concept’s appeal with key target groups and early adopters.

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Optimize to maximize

Turn good ideas into great products

Maximize your ideas quickly and efficiently with an optimization toolbox.

Optimize Reach: Find the right combination of claims, ingredients, benefits, packs that will maximize your product reach - with TURF analysis.

Optimize Rank: Rank up to 50 ideas or design elements like claims, ingredients, benefits, or packs, with a rigorous MaxDiff approach.

Concept Test: Optimize your ideas and detect the strongest ones with a quick and easy monadic concept test with a wide range of diagnostics.

Optimize Pack: Identify & optimize your winning pack ideas to achieve greater in-market success with shoppers, using intuitive monadic research.

Acacia Avenue: Identify your most compelling product names, with a sequential naming tool that accesses consumers’ instinctive system 1 responses to your names.

Activate the best products

Launch products that grow your brand

Bring together all your optimized late stage concepts to understand which ones will drive true business impact and how you can make them even better.

Activate It: Proven market metrics measure your concept’s growth potential and opportunity size. Find areas of optimization to enhance your ideas further. Detect the ideas that will drive true business impact.

M/A/R/C: Validate your concepts, optimize product lines and price points. Rapid Results is grounded in M/A/R/C®'s ASSESSOR® methodology.

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